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For most Colorado visitors, it's already a bucket list, but for some, it's the first time they'll enjoy a sunset picnic and crawl into a sleeping bag to spend an unforgettable evening on the edge of the abyss. After hiking through a series of climbing rocks and fixed ropes, our guide set us up in a semi-rigid hammock suspended from a rope attached directly to the mountainside.

The Cliff Side adventure gave us a day of hiking, biking on the trails and camping at the Rocky Mountain Lodge, where we spent the rest of the night. At River Run Village, near Keystone Resort, you'll find a summer festival that suits you all year round, but you'll discover everything in this unparalleled festival ambience.

Our mountain huts were only a few steps away from the festival location, so we were able to take advantage of all that Keystone's festival weekend had to offer.

If you want to see the best of Rocky Mountain National Park without the physicality of hiking, join our exciting sightseeing tour that takes guests in an air-conditioned van to some of the most iconic views. With few crowds in the park, forget the access to the spectacular Alpine towers and glacial gorge against the backdrop of a beautiful mountain range and the breathtaking view of the glacier lake.

Drive to the top of Trail Ridge Road and follow one of the few roads in the United States where you can ride over 12,000 feet. Late summer is a great time to be in Rocky Mountain National Park and explore some of its most spectacular views. Switch off for a fun alpine scenery and forget to explore the more than 1,500 miles of paths, trails and trail heads that make up the entire park, from the summit of Mt. Whitney, Colorado's tallest peak, down to Glacier Lake and Glacier Lake.

The Colorado Trail stretches 500 miles from Denver to Durango, with segments 24 - 28, and the number of segments covered depends on how many days you hike.

Highlights include a breathtaking amphitheater in the heart of downtown Durango, a scenic hike through the mountains and spectacular views of the Rocky Mountain National Park. Start your Colorado Trail adventure with a three-day, four-night stay at Colorado Mountain Lodge in Denver, Colorado.