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hey there,

I wanted to share with you a website I found Comfortis for cats which helped me get rid of flea infestation on my cat and in my house.

Back story-

My cat is an outdoor cat and she usually comes in at night since it gets cold out where I live. The problem is when she comes back in she brings in all of the dirt and fleas. I noticed the fleas were getting much worst as the days went by. A simple shower didn't help ( she enjoyed the bath). As my whole household and cat kept getting bit I had to go look for a solution to stop the flea bites. These parasites were getting on my last nerve!!!!!

So I looked for the best flea treatment medicine for cats and Found comfortis online. I decided to purchase comfortis for cats for very cheap and a reasonable price- probably the best price you'll see online.

I did my research on Comfortis for cats and the active ingredient is spinosad which is suppose to kill off fleas within 4 hrs although she mention comfortis can kill fleas in around 30 minutes.

My cat naturally took the flea pill medicine which was quite surprising. Luckily we caught it on camera.

Anyways, from my experience Comfortis just plain out works!

Although like any other pet medication you should be aware that there are side effects. if you want to learn more on the side effects you can check out the official comfortis site. however, my cat has not experienced any negative effects besides fleas dying off.

Some of the side effects from comfortis are vomitting, loss of appetite, depression- so like mentioned earlier you can find out more information at the official Comfortis page.

So check out the links on this page to find out where you can buy comfortis for cats online without a prescription or veterinarian.

Note: Please consult with a vet for any medical advise. This page is soley from experience and results may differ.

Thanks for stopping by my page! Hope you get all the fleas out your home and off of your cat :)

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