Company Broker Group


Colorado Broker Group sells businesses in Denver, Colorado quickly and quietly. They have never had a confidentiality breach in all their years of doing business, and work full time to make the sale. They strive to get each client the most down money possible at closing, and to minimize all closing costs. Company owner Paul Olsen holds a Bachelor's degree from SUNY-Oswego, and a Master's degree from the University of Colorado.

Company Broker Group is the number one business brokerage in Denver. Owner Paul Olsen says that CMG sells businesses quickly and quietly, and promises aggressive representation and a successful sale for the company's clients."Paul Olsen is by far the best business broker I've ever come into contact with and have dealt with," said a veteran business transaction attorney. "Paul Olsen is one hundred percent capable. He's a professional from the word go. He works a deal until it is completed and closed...he advocates every possible position for the people he represents to try to get the most out of the transaction for them as possible."Company Broker Group has successfully represented business owners in Colorado since 2003. They provide tax advice on business transfers, business valuations, exit strategies, transfers to other family members, and building wealth within a company.Paul Olsen Denver and the rest of the CMG professionals understand that a business is the most valuable asset an owner may ever have. They also know that business buyers are much better at buying businesses than sellers are at selling them. No owner can run a business indefinitely, so they need to be prepared for when the time comes to sell.