Comp Turbo

Pomona, California, United States

Comp Turbo was founded on the vision to supply the most advanced turbocharger technology to the racing community. The company was formed in October 2007. Since its inception, Comp Turbo has won over the hearts of thousands in professional street racing and the like with its turbochargers. The company now supplies advanced turbo products to the United States and European nations.
The advanced turbo charger lab, where all the magic happens, is located in San Dimas, CA. The facility is fully loaded with high speed balancing machinery and CNC technology to manufacture high quality turbochargers for the racing industry. Comp Turbo also prides itself in professional experience in turbo manufacturing. The lab in Dimas is equipped with a leading industrial engineer with 50 years of industry experience. With the professional know-how and advanced technology, Comp Turbo was able to develop the first triple ceramic ball bearing system in the industry, which has swept the racing industry competition far behind. The facility went on to develop numerous other designs and products including the mid-frame S400 model and T2 model replacement along with oil-less turbochargers.

The company has had major success in the industry since the very first day of providing exceptional turbocharger products to the market. Since 2007, the company has grown each year respectfully. With the economy continuing to get back on track, the company expects to remain #1 in the turbocharger industry.

Numerous professional racers take to the streets with Comp Turbo for their chosen turbo equipment. The company can be seen advertised on some of the most prolific racing vehicles, including Sverre Isachsen of Norway, 2 time European Champion.

For more information on turbochargers and available products, please visit Comp Turbo’s website. For information about becoming an official sponsor please contact the company via email with the appropriate completed forms.

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