Conan Reis

Vancouver Island BC Canada

Conan is a 22 year video game industry veteran and the

cofounder & CEO of Agog Labs Inc.

- which has the motto “Better coding through mad science.”

He is currently working on SkookumScript The simple yet powerful language for creating remarkable video games. Amazing gameplay, level design and AI without melting your brain. [Most recently used in the massively multiplayer Triad Wars and the open world Sleeping Dogs.]

SkookumScript is now available as a turn-key plug-in for Unreal Engine 4.

While the credits roll at the end of movies where science runs amok his friends often point an accusing finger at him and announce that he will probably be the guy whose creation runs off and destroys the world - or saves it - one or the other.

He does all his own stunts
• accidentally walked into a black bear
• won sailboat race during gale force winds
• roasted marshmallows on molten lava
• given speech to 10,000 people
• nearby explosion once singed off his eyebrows
• fell off an 80-foot cliff
• hit by a speeding car and smashed headfirst through its windshield
• once tried to go without sleep for two weeks
• performed a magic trick in front of 300 people
• been held up at machine-gun point
• What if you are hit by a bus? - already happened 2X: still seems okay

Conan's career as a mad computer scientist has spanned the West Coast’s creative epicenters of Vancouver and San Francisco developing games for companies including Electronic Arts, LucasArts and most recently United Front Games. He specializes in the gameplay aspect of game development including artificial intelligence and making the tools and guts used to make games including 3D world editors and game programming languages.

Conan is married to the amazing Devon Reis (née Larsen), father to the astonishingly cute Zelda and cutesome Zefram and lives in the wilds of the Pacific Rim of British Columbia, Canada. He easily amused, does not normally refer to himself in the third person and is currently toiling away doing some form of mad science.

  • Work
    • Agog Labs
  • Education
    • Simon Fraser University