Consuelo Bernardi

Canada eh!

I can't play an instrument or sing a tune in key but I'm still obsessed with music.

That's why I went into justified all the time I spent listening to music. Plus secretly I've always been a wannabe rockstar.

I've worked in in radio for many years ~ doing on-air and on the programming side of things too.

Currently I'm the APD for MAJIC 100 in Ottawa and the Manager of Special Projects and Major Partnerships for Bell Media Ottawa. I also do the talking on the radio thing as the weekend / swing announcer for MAJIC 100.

I'm a slave to my iPod. And I love me some beauty products, shoes, dresses and clothing in general (and cue the creation of the blog 'Bernardi Beauty Blog' that I have with my sister)

I am totally obsessed with social media.

Huge fan of Nutella, Baby Duck, John Hughes 80s movies, House of Cards, Ryan Gosling, Adam Levine, Gabriel Macht from 'Suits' and Donnie Wahlberg.

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