Contessa Louise Cooper

Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Contessa Louise; life coach, master motivator, fighter! Contessa was forced to pick up her gloves at an early age. As a young, single mother, learning that her son was autistic began her life long struggle for equality. Unrelenting in her advocacy for her child, Contessa took on school boards, doctors, therapists, specialists and anyone else who dared stand in her way. All the while raising two thoughtful, creative, kind and compassionate children essentially on her own. But her struggle was not in vain. Contessa has endured every rough step of her journey to pave the way for other parents of special needs children. Her struggle can now be their blueprint.

“Mad At The World: How to move on and find peace when you’re a special needs parent,” Contessa's first book, is a narrative ripped from the soul of a woman constantly tested by the things so many have taken for granted. Her voice is quickly becoming the voice for all of those courageous enough to care for someone with a disability or chronic illness. Contessa created the #WeAllHaveAStory movement so individuals with disabilities and their loved ones can motivate and uplift each other through, personal stories, tips, and experiences unique to their struggle. Contessa is also a co-author in the second installment of Shift ... Shift On: Twenty Stories of Turning Trials into Triumphs, presented by Senior Producer of the Tom Joyner Morning Show and best selling author Nikki Woods, is an anthology celebrating pivotal moments in the lives of a masterful mix of entrepreneurs, philanthropists, executives, and more.

When she's not fighting for the greater good, Contessa shares her many talents with her brothers and sisters in arms. She creates websites, designs graphics, and tailors social media packages for companies that practices social good. If you are wondering where she gets her cape dry cleaned or just want to pick her brain over a glass of red wine you can connect with Contessa on Twitter @ContessaLouise, visit her website, or follow