Corey Dressel

La Crosse, WI


  • I am a lover and firm believer in the power of storytelling as a truth we have grown out of, a guiding path we must follow, and a means of understanding others.
  • I am excited to be apart of the tribe of storytellers who use storytelling as a method of connecting to others within a variety of cultures: be it a workplace motive, a personal journey of self-discovery, or a way of putting down roots within a community of others.
  • I am an instructor of Winona State University's English 111: College Reading & Writing.
  • I have been teaching English 111 every semester since fall 2011.
  • I have taught English 220 -teaching roughly 6 weeks total out of a 16 week semester- for a professor who had to take emergency medical leave.
  • I am working on diving head-first into the world of technical communication and using this as a platform to teach, learn, aspire, and inspire.
  • I am working on a master's degree in English Literature and Language at WSU.
  • I am interested in helping others to acquire writing skills and analytical reading skills to ensure success in all they do.
  • I am interested in inspiring others to become aware of global regions, politics, and the human face behind it all.
  • I am interested in empowering others to become involved in all human rights: human rights issues that are close to home and human rights issues across the globe.
  • Work
    • WSU Instructor of English 111
  • Education
    • Working on English Master's in Literature and Language