Corey Engelen

Director of the U.N. Diplomatic Services Corp., Ambassador of Trade to Japan from Somalia, and Director of Help Somalia and Help Horn of Africa in Denver, Colorado

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For over five years, Corey Engelen has been devoted to the mission UN Diplomatic Services Corp. a private USA-based company that is committed to providing clean water to West African countries. The Corp. carries out its mission by providing training, expertise, and financial support for water project construction with the help of internal staff and partners from both NGOs and the governments of participating countries.

Access to safe water is critical to the development of any community.Clean water restores hope and unlocks potential.

The UN Diplomatic Services Corp. works closely with ECOWAS (Economic Communities of West African States) in order to accomplish its goals. As Director of the Services Corp.,Corey Engelen helps communities dig wells, catch rainwater, protect freshwater springs, filter surface water, construct small dams, and help maintain proper sanitary and hygienic practices.

People, not water, change everything. By guaranteeing that people have the basic resources they need to thrive, the UN Diplomatic Services Corp. empowers people to change the world.

His work with the Diplomatic Services Corp. lead Corey to take part in a number of other humanitarian initiatives throughout the continent. With Help Horn of Africa and Help Somalia, Corey is raising funds to bring food, water, medical supplies to those who need it most. As an Ambassador of Trade from Somalia, Corey is seeking out investments, imports from, and exports to Japan to stimulate the Somalian economy and bring further stability to the region. This role is constantly expanding and changing course, but keeps Corey consistently engaged with his humanitarian goals.

Corey Engelen is Director of UN Diplomatic Services Corp. He is also Ambassador of Trade from Somalia to Japan, and Executive Director of both Help Somalia and Help Horn of Africa. He holds a BA from the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver and an MBA from Kennedy Western--Cheyenne Wyoming.

Engelen currently resides in Denver, Colorado but makes frequent trips overseas for work. When he's not working he enjoys sightseeing, watching the Denver Broncos, and researching humanitarian causes. He is a proud husband and father.

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