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The Cape Verde Surveillance and Health Control Form feature several sections that help you understand just what your responsibilities are when you visit the area. It clarifies that medical institutions and professionals are allowed to practice in the area and that you want to contact if you have any queries. Additionally, it explains ways to get a visa if you are arranging a trip to the area and what documentation you need to bring with you once you leave. The form lets you know how long you'll be allowed to remain in the region and that which you are permitted to do when you have entered it. It briefly explains the principles of privacy and surveillance and clarifies the legal definition of a security force, a police officer or an armed person while their weapon is in their own possession. It provides a review of the criminal law in detail and lists the minimum age requirements for people applying for a passport.

Another important part of this form briefly discusses the responsibilities of the tourist governments at Krombeke and Dagsaguna. It gives information about healthcare in general and a list of hospitals, clinics and nursing homes that are accessible for you and details the amount of emergency care facilities. The previous section of this form temporarily describes the rules about maintaining personal items such as cameras, cellular phones and attentive apparatus from the public regions of Krombeke and Dagsaguna.

You have to obtain a copy of this form from the regional authorities before you visit the region. It's very important that you obtain a minumum of one copy and keep it with you at all times. You can obtain a copy in the port of departure and may be asked to reveal it once you enter the nation. It's possible to get a photocopy from the security personnel at the airport also, but be warned that the images you are likely to see that there could be difficult to translate.

You need to follow the directions contained in the Krombeke and Dagsaguna surveill