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Managing Director, Entrepreneur, and Strategist in the United Kingdom

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As the guiding force behind many of the success stories that hail from the UK’s underground community, Corey Johnson has steadily been nurturing the growth and expansion of the urban entertainment industry for the best part of the past two decades. With a career that has encompassed music, acting, management, publishing, business development, brand building and youth work, Corey has used his talents and drive to start several media companies that work alongside each other to make up his Digital Holdings Empire.

Growing up in Brixton, South London, Corey drew inspiration from his environment and started his burgeoning career as a rapper at the tender age of 10, when he was signed by Universal as part of a group called “New Frontier’. His passion for music continued after headline events, TV coverage, sponsorship and when the group disbanded after the national tour, TV coverage and when finishing school, he turned to event promotion, investing in popular Garage/Urban club nights, including the infamous ‘License to Rave’, both in the UK and overseas. Promotions for international star and sold out concerts and high-end parties followed, alongside his regular successful club nights, including hosting east-coast rap heavyweights Eve, The Lox and Rah Digga, and organising the launch party for industry stalwart RWD Mag @ ministry of sound.

Corey took over a studio called Digital Horde and decided to turn it into a creative hub called The Digital Holdings Empire. A one stop shop that could house all his ventures, and inspire countless more. Today, it comprises a production company, a record label, marketing agency, design company, printed magazine, a publishing house consultants and a creative solutions business, which all lend their features to Corey’s deepest motivation – community work with young people. Via independent media charity Community Youth London.-CYL

CYL gives Corey the opportunity to serve his community in a practical and innovative way, while also keeping his media companies alive with fresh ideas. Combining the work he has a proven track record in, with his passion for mentoring youth has allowed Corey to build a unique environment where the work is exciting and inclusive, and cements his role as one of the most influential figures in UK media and entertainment.

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