Corey Shader

independent business consultant in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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Corey Shader is an independent business consultant, entrepreneur, and founder of several revolutionary companies, notably Insurance Pipeline Inc. Driven by his passion for helping others achieve their goals, he takes pride in bringing out the best in others. Based in Florida, Shader is well known for his involvement with startup companies helping with customer acquisition, streamlining processes, and maximizing their overall bottom line.

Shader also offers his consulting services to people who desire deeper levels of expertise in real estate and financial improvement. Individuals often seek his guidance in areas such as asset speculation, real estate investments, or spiritual growth.

Shader’s leadership roles are not limited to finances. He practices self-improvement and hopes to inspire others to follow suit by sharing his experience in bettering oneself. Currently, he is also working on content geared toward being more present and the awareness of the collective consciousness.