Corporate Parenthood

Corporate Parenthood

Decipher & Guide our broken business world, beyond CSR/ESG, but moral character + "corporate family" responsibilities, how companies & their ecosystems should be 'brought up' & 'behave' as a responsible person who would automatically #DoTheRightThing!

In 2017, our financial market is still very much as it was back in the days of the credit crunch of 2008/9. Why? some might argue that the 1.) business culture, 2.) financial structure/economy, 3.) drivers or goals of business leaders have not changed.

Researchers worldwide have not solved the 'nature or nurture' question regarding whether DNA or parenthood that bring up children to become a responsible human being that works hard, think for themselves and know "right from wrong" and act accordingly. Thankfully, we KNOW that corporations/companies can all nurtured as they are created from nothing (especially if it was a startup!).

If that is the case, surely we can also learn lessons from how people bring up their children by having a concrete goal, which usually entails ensuring each child has the opportunity to:

1.) treat each baby's life with respect

2.) be safe and grow up by having adequate food/shelter

3.) learn from parental guidance as to etiquette, right from wrong, knowledge about life and maybe even business

4.) gain confidence by practising/learning from mistakes and become a responsible adult

and ultimately mature into value-adding adult (towards own family, community and society) that his/her parents and family can be proud of.

Companies just like kids, takes usually about 10+ years (some even 30/50yrs) to mature into major corporations.

Surprisingly, however, it is just weird, strange and sometimes immoral that most people (at present in the business world) are proud to:

A.) create companies for sales only in short-term (Trafficking if it is children)

B.) Securitising subsidiaries for sake of financial reporting/tax purposes (some might argue just like selling limbs or organs!)

C.) laid a profitable business with debt so that it can report better RoE/RoC ratios (like draining the kid's blood for sake of selling despite it might be lethal)

Please forgive this crude analogy but it is my first stab in crystallising the theory, very much keen to hear your feedback.

If you or your organisation are able to help/contribute ( money is not as important as intellect/actions/ideas and of course time, effort, influence/referrals; paid for consultants pls ignore us!)