Cory Carnley

dedicated cigar enthusiast in Gainesville, FL

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Cory Carnley pushed his studies on tobacco to the next level, becoming the youngest member ever of Cigar Rights of America, the premium cigar industry's principal lobbying organization.

Cigar Rights of America is dedicated to utilizing the power of a collective to assist push change and safeguard individuals' rights to enjoy access to high-quality or premium, hand-rolled cigars. From an advocacy standpoint, this can entail watching legislative concerns in states where there are pending measures that potentially affect smoking facilities and sellers. With the participation of more young professionals like Cory Carnley, there is a greater chance to reach out to politicians and the general public to advocate for cigar users and the industry as a whole.

Through the group, cigar fans can also interact with others who share their interest and obtain access to new products and exclusive events. Enjoying truly excellent cigars can be a specialized knowledge, making organizations like Cigar Rights of America crucial for improving appreciation and discussing the best the market has to offer with others.