Cory Powers

General Manager of Operations in Sarasota, FL

Cory Powers is a highly talented manager, salesman, and operations specialist. He has been with Home Court Advantage for many years and is recognized for his continued hard work and for upholding the company's strong family values. His team is committed to improving the lives of others through a unified love of sports. Cory utilizes his professional skills in the following ways:

Collective working: Cory knows how to get the best out of people by encouraging teamwork and cooperation.

Commercial sales: Cory is an expert at closing deals and generating profits.

Community development: Cory is passionate about building strong, supportive communities around sports activities.

Critical operations: Cory has a knack for keeping things running smoothly under pressure.

Customer relations: Cory always puts the customer first, ensuring they receive the best possible service.

Day-to-day administration: Cory is skilled at handling all day-to-day business operations.

Operational efficiency: Cory ensures that all resources are used efficiently, maximizing productivity.

Personnel management: Cory is an expert in managing staff effectively and efficiently.

Residential sales: Cory has a proven track record of selling homes successfully.

Secondary operations - Cory S. Powers oversees all secondary operations such as maintenance, security, and transportation."Specification design," "Staff scheduling," "Strategy implementation," "Team building."

  • Education
    • Ferris State University