Cosmetic Dentist

Three Types of Cosmetic Dental Procedures That Can Give You A Whole New Smile

A Cosmetic Dentist is often also a general dentist or a family dentist. This type of dentist can help people who are looking for a big change in the way that their smile looks. The type of Cosmetic Dentistry that most people are already familiar with is teeth whitening, which is sometimes called teeth bleaching. Teeth whitening can be done in several different ways today, but the most effective of these is teeth whitening at a dentist.Teeth WhiteningTeeth whitening performed by a dentist has results that far exceed those produced by home whitening kits that can be purchased over the counter. The dentist will typically create molds based on the exact dimensions of a patient's mouth. The dentist will then provide the patient with the molds, along with a special whitening gel. The gel is placed in the mouth molds and worn for a short time each day. The whitening gel will bleach teeth considerably over time. Usually, patients will use this type of teeth whitening system for around one to two months. A Schope Dental may also use a special laser to heighten the effect of teeth whitening gel. This procedure is performed in office and may require several different sessions, spaced out over a period of at least one month.Gum IssuesSometimes, it isn't only the shade of the teeth that is a problem, but it may also be the shape of the teeth. This often happens because the gums are not uniform, or because the gum tissue is excessive or sparse. The gums may be excessive, covering up too much of the teeth. This is resolved by removing some of the gums to expose more of the teeth. Alternatively, the gums may be too sparse, exposing too much of the teeth. In this case, the dentist may need to shave teeth down to where they don't appear too long in relation to the gums.Caps and VeneersWhen teeth are broken or cracked, porcelain veneers or teeth caps may be the answer. Veneers and caps are customized for each tooth so that they look exactly the same as the tooth they are covering. Both veneers and caps are lightened or darkened so that they match the shade of the other teeth in the mouth. This allow