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Are your buttocks saggy? Maybe you just want to restore your body to its former glory after pregnancy or weight loss? No matter what your reason for wanting a butt lift is, advanced cosmetic surgery of new york can help.

A butt lift (removal of excess skin on the buttocks) can be performed with sedation. There is no need to use the traditional anesthesia. The great advantage of modern sedation is that this method is safer than general anesthesia. You will sleep and not feel anything during the operation. A few hours after the procedure, you will feel perfectly fine and will not have to go through the annoying side effects of general anesthesia. Normally, once you have completed your treatment, you can return home or to your hotel the same afternoon.

A butt lift has a duration of 1-2 hours, depending on the nature of the intervention. Before the surgeon starts with the butt lift, he or she will draw the desired shape on your skin. The surgeon makes an incision to remove excess skin and fat. Then, the underlying layers of muscle and fat are separated with the utmost care.

The skin is lifted and excess skin and fat are removed. The underlying tissue is sutured in layers with soluble thread. Finally, the skin is sutured with non-soluble sutures. In some cases, drainage is introduced to remove secretions from the wound. These are removed after a few days.

After treatment, the incisions are covered with a bandage. You may need to wear special elastic pants, which have been previously measured. Then you will be transferred from the operating room to a recovery room that has cardiac monitoring. An hour later you will be taken to your private room.

The result will be visible shortly after the intervention. Your doctor will assess the outcome when the swelling has almost completely disappeared. This period is usually 6-12 weeks. The final result will only be visible when the scar, the internal tissue and the wound produced by the operation have healed. For this, it is necessary to wait 1 year. The result of a butt lift is permanent. For more information, contact Dr. A. Abraham Levin today.