I was born on Independence Day 1988 during the Year of the Dragon, in New Haven to the two best parents in the world. I'm Euro-Asian : half European, half-Asian. :) I'm a proud big sister of my two younger siblings, who I absolutely adore.

It's no surprise that my earliest memory is a piano lesson. I've been a Pianist since I was three years old. Thus, Music became the focus of my entire life. I think sheetmusic is the most artistic thing I've ever laid eyes on, and I believe Music itself to be some higher form of communication and life. Possibly the language of God? ;)

I attended Indiana University's Jacobs School of Music with a BM in Music Voice Performance, with a Minor in Piano Performance. I also took up a second BM in the University Division College of Arts and Sciences of Linguistics. I've always had the desire to become a Translator for the gift of being able to communicate with people of different countries.

I'm currently living and teaching Voice, Piano, and Music Theory in London, England, and still continuing my studies in Chinese, Arabic, and Russian in order to become a Linguist.

I'm pretty stubborn and serious, but I'm loyal and protective of family and friends. I'm a passionate person, who has a lot of faith in mankind.

I'm also pretty socially awkward and tomboyish, despite loving girly things. I earned the name 'Sunshine' at work, because of my cheerful nature.

I'm not big on Horoscopes, but I'm as Cancerian as it gets! I love domestic chores, including cooking/baking, cleaning, laundry, gardening, and homekeeping.

I'm interested in everything that has to do with Steampunk and old British literature, as well as anything Victorian or Burlesque.

My biggest goal in life is to travel and appreciate different countries, culture, and nature and it's natural wonders. I love eco-friendly stuff.

I'm a huge fan of Japanese Animation, for various reasons, which leads to me having an unhealthy attachment to the Tachikoma think-tanks.

I'm absolutely crazy over Alice & Wonderland and Tea Parties. I love all sets and prints of China, and would someday love to collect various tea accessories.

I'm all about romantic fashion, from pastels to chiffon... anything dreamy and whimsical, though I do have a fearless wild side that loves all things leather and chained. I love tattoos, piercings, and all kinds of hairstyles. :3