Cpa Tracker

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CPA-tracker Statistics, offers and ad campaign management in one tool. Service for plus arbitrage.

When working with any affiliate program, its participant is faced with the need for tools to monitor its activities, as well as operational intervention in the sales process. He needs information about the effectiveness of the advertising platforms, which can be his own website, a group "Vkontakte", the landing page, mobile applications and any other available Internet resources. CPA tracking software is an efficient means of solving this problem.

CPA tracker - what it is

As the ancient Chinese proverb says, "getting the name right is like getting it right. The term "tracker" means a software product that directs a user to a certain address. The abbreviation "CPA" stands for Cost Per Action. CPA Tracker is a program designed to provide an affiliate program member with the following available functions:

  • Adding offers (means of promotion);
  • Placing selling links; Removing them;
  • Selecting an advertising system to place links;
  • Creating the ability to record statistics on effectiveness (visits, sales, costs, profits, etc.);
  • Working with a variety of advertising sources;
  • Accounting traffic;
  • Analyzing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns;
  • Creating short marketing links on the member's domain.

Installing and setting up the CPA tracker

Installing and setting up the service is simple enough. The program is downloaded in unzipped form (ZIP) and then, of course, it should be unzipped, you can in the same folder. The downloaded file is no longer needed and must be deleted.