Craig Corl

Washington, Dc Usa

Passionate Story Telling

I am passionate about telling a visual story. I started as a still photographer in the late 1970s, but my interest and skills in video have grown rapidly. My growing interest in new media avenues arises from recognition that each story reveals a natural preference. I relentlessly pursue opportunities for telling a story through the appropriate confluence of word, image, video, and sound.

Slow Journalism

Knowing the subject of the photograph is fundamental to making a great image. My approach to photography is modeled after Dorothea Lange who took the time to research and understand her subjects intimately. Lange put the camera down and developed relationships – then she began photographing. Like the slow food movement, Lange practiced slow journalism before it became a recognizable term.

My Principals

With Dorothea Lange as my virtual mentor, I trust a core set of guiding principals: • Take time to build relationships and discover the true depth and breadth of the story – not just what seems apparent on the surface. • Value accuracy, quality, and context, not just being fast and first. • Seek out untold stories offering intelligent, enlightening, and empowering narratives that make a positive difference. • Avoid celebrity, sensation, and events pursued by the herd. • Approach the craft collaboratively rather than competitively.

  • Education
    • MA New Media Photojournalism, Corcoran College of Art and Design