Craig Fisk

Consultant and CEO in Basking Ridge, NJ, USA/San Jose, CA, USA

Craig Fisk

Consultant and CEO in Basking Ridge, NJ, USA/San Jose, CA, USA

In 2024 I'm excited to work with an all-remote team building a machine-learning platform for virtual professional networking: Marmalade AI. We use Google Cloud functions to apply AI/NLP to profiles. We are starting with people in digital marketing, programming, and design. This is the future of work!

In two startups, and previously as product line and strategy manager for software development ("SBS Chair") at Intel, I've built product and organizations to improve how people do business,

I'm a people person who combines marketing with being up-to-date in software.

I've worked with inbound and outbound marketing -- everything from web content, webinars, and focus groups to C-level sales and sales funnel management.

In software, I'm writing the Marmalade front end in Vue.js. Adding webRTC is next. I also wrote Python code to gather and manage 10,000 profiles as models for our NLP. The back end is GCP: Firebase and cloud functions. We live on git, Github, and Zoom.

I previously ran a series A mobile CRM company (Portland and New York) that worked with companies from agriculture to cosmetics. I was a volunteer or board member with Legion of Tech, Northwest China Council, and Chamber Music Northwest.

In September 2018, I moved to San Jose, CA, as marketing consultant for a Google Cloud Platform partner in Kubernetes (GKE). And for 2024, I moved to the New York Metropolitan Area (near Basking Ridge, NJ) to do part-time contract work while running the startup.

Univ. Chicago Booth Marketing MBA.

Univ. Wisconsin Comparative Literature PhD.


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