Craig Jensen

Founder and Chairman in the United States

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Craig Jensen serves as the Chairman of the Diskeeper Corporation, the company he founded three decades ago. Dedicated to creating the best software available, Craig Jensen has designed products that have become the best-selling of their kind. Widely popular, the Diskeeper signature product of the same name is formulated to help computers run longer, faster, and more reliably on less energy. The computer performance enhancing software is available for both Windows and HP OpenVMS systems. It is distributed globally and has more than 3.5 million users. Today, the company that Craig Jensen created is a Microsoft Gold Partner and maintains additional partnerships with Lenovo, Hewlett-Packard Development Company, Tech Data Corporation, ASUS, and Ingram Micro Inc. In a recent and important development, the company expanded on Craig Jensen’s original software by creating a product called IntelliWrite, which is capable of preventing, rather than correcting, computer fragmentation.

Known as an industry leader and expert, Craig Jensen has authored a book called The Craft of Computer Programming. Written for the practical use of beginners and advanced programmers alike, the book covers the most important principles of successful, bug-free programming. It includes sections on building a computer program from scratch; creating professional, low maintenance software; applying concepts that are common to every major computer language; learning the five key rules of debugging; and avoiding the most common programming errors. Those who are interested in reading The Craft of Computer Programming can visit the book’s website at, where Craig Jensen includes a link to download the entire book at no charge.