Craig Nicholson

Shreveport, LA

As Vice President of Software Services and Chief Technical Officer, Craig manages and directs ElectSolve’s application development group and is responsible for product research and development.

While at ElectSolve, Craig has architected and developed many technical data management applications including Energy Settlement Solutions used by energy service providers in both the California and Texas deregulated energy markets, Meter and Operational Data Management solutions, Line Loss Analysis and Reporting Solutions and continues to play a significant role in architecting the very latest versions of ElectSolve’s flagship meter data management solution, uCentra.

Craig has over 15 years of utility solutions service many of which have been spent at ElectSolve. Craig has been very instrumental in contributing to the overall success of ElectSolve since he joined the company in 2003. Recently, Craig and his group have spearheaded a push toward customer web presentment of AMI and other related operational data, helping consumers of electricity, gas and water services to monitor their usage and benefit from the expansion of AMI in the utility services market place.

Before joining ElectSolve, Craig held a number of developer roles creating custom solutions for the private and public sectors. Craig graduated from Louisiana State University with a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA). He also holds the following degrees: Masters in System Technology and Bachelor of Science Degree in Biochemistry. Craig is an avid runner, biker, and ironman triathlete.