Online Stores

Create Online Stores with Fewer Costs Involved

A business website alone, does not make a profitable store. Once the website is created and operating, other functions and features have to be in place to manage content, inventory, customer services, and databases. Many businesses utilize third party services for checkouts, reporting, and inventory control. That can result in disjointed services, lower customer satisfaction, and additional costs. It is possible to Create Online Stores where the business maintains full control of services, and keeps costs down. First, the website has to be interesting, eye-catching, and frequently updated, or customers will seek out other websites for products or services. That means higher sales, rankings, and revenues for the competition.

The cost of a programmer to keep a site updated can get expensive, and take tine. A custom designed website with an innovative Titanium CMS (content management system), will allow site owners to easily make changes, update the site, rearrange graphics, add or delete pages, and upload all types of media for site content. Videos, images, audio messages, files, and graphics can be ready to go for sales promotions, new product launches, and highlighting specific products. A form creator function can make surveys, landing pages, confirmation emails, and notifications personal and timely.

Search engine marketing tools are also included. Competitive analysis, keyword search tools, and page suggestion tools, can help stay ahead of the competition on search engines. A shopping cart module, with three separate options, can be fully integrated with the CMS platform, and eliminate the need for outsourced eCommerce services or solutions. Track inventory, manage orders, and store delivery and other customer information in one place. That streamlines the online store aspect of the website, and provides consistent customer service.

Marketing services are also available to help with short and long-term goals for the website. Utah Adwords Management can utilize pay per click (PPC) advertising to boost sales and rankings fast, and attract new customers quick