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Createurs de Luxe can help you with great cleaning tips for your Hermes Birkin and Kelly bags. For people who like to put everything in their bag all the time can be overwhelming to organize. For cleaning, a damp cloth on the inside will be fine if you choose to throw everything inside your bag. For people who need to protect worthwhile things like money and jewelry, makeup and so on, small zippered nylon or mesh bags are perfect. You have to evaluate each and every bag to discover if you can clean them yourselves. Only a mild soap will work with a damp cloth, do not clean an Hermes bag if you do not know what you are doing. You can ruin a bag easily and the better option is to spend the money and send the bag to Hermes for the correct cleaning.

The best way to store each bag is to place stuffing of some kind inside the bag. It can be air packed plastic bags or bubble wrap, anything that will create the form of the bag. Keeping the form of the bag is important. Some woman like to store their bags in the original cloth sleeper and place the bag back in to the original orange box. This will be difficult to maintain if you are using all your bags on a regular basis.

Making a decision on where to store the bags is also important. A clean, dry environment is important where it is clear of outside smoke, smells and perfumes. Standing the bag upright for a short period of time is fine but for longer periods it is advised that the bag be placed on its back as to not weaken the shape.

You'll find Createurs de Luxe website offers a variety of colors, leathers and exotic skins. There are also Hermes accessories that you may want to find to match your favorite handbag. If there is a color or style you are searching for, or any other unanswered questions you may have email us!

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