Roger Creyke

Technical Executive in England, United Kingdom

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I'm a Technical Executive and Software Engineer based out of the east of England.

I specialise in low-latency, reactive, distributed systems, and building great software development teams and studios, such as at Dervico Ipswich.

I've designed and implemented significant key systems for world renowned companies.

I’ve designed and helped develop software powering one of the biggest names in sports betting.

I'm active in the open source community, especially OS .NET, and specifically the Microsoft Orleans virtual actor framework, and the Cosmic command line tool.

I'm passionate about computer science education, sitting on the approval board and helping define the module descriptors for the restoration of University of Suffolk's Games Programming undergraduate degree, and I helped start Derivco Ipswich's successful summer internship programme for 17 year-olds.

I've been fortunate to work closely with Microsoft and MSR to help validate some of their new technologies, including SQL Server In-Memory OLTP, and Orleans Geo Meta Clustering.

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