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At AIDS 2016, 18 -22 July in Durban, South Africa, young reporters from the Children's Radio Foundation in South Africa, Zambia, Tanzania, Ivory Coast and the DRC hosted an innovative pop-up radio station in the Global Village. The reporters produced hours of radio, which, broadcast by CRF partner stations, was heard by 8 million people across Africa.

Live Streaming link for pop-up radio:

Youth Call to Action developed in the Pre-conference session, 'In our Voice - Postive Stories, Positive Teens, Positive Lives!'

Biographies of young reporters at Conference

Photographs: Please ensure to credit the photographer, which you'll find in the file name of each photo

* Young reporters attending conference

* Nolusindiso's story - South Africa

* Cleopas' story - Zambia

* Maryam's story - Zanzibar, Tanzania


* Nolusindiso’s story - South Africa

* Cleopas’ story - Zambia

* Maryam's story - Zanzibar


Soundcloud AIDS 2016 playlist

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