Cristian Rosemary Music

Musician in Montreal, Canadá

Cristian Rosemary Music

Musician in Montreal, Canadá

I am a CANADIAN MUSICIAN (born Chilean) settled in Montreal, Canada, who is available for private o public concerts.

Is it your father's or mother's birthday?

Do you have an event in your enterprise?

I will be there for you to have fun!! :-)

For only CAN$ 350, you can have a GREAT CONCERT with ROMANTIC BOLEROS, SPANISH SONGS & BOSSA NOVAS, in two parts (45 minutes each with a 15 minutes break).

Votre aniversaire? Votre marriage? D'autre occassion pour fêter l'amitié appuyez pour la beauté de la musique latine?

Comptez sur un BEAU CONCERT INTIME de romantiques boleros, chansons en español et bossa-nova!

Je suis un musicien de longue date. Voici ma chaine YouTube.

À l'heure actuelle, je me produis dans des endroits publics (pubs, restos) ou même privés (fêtes familières/célébration d'événements au sein des entreprises).

Parfois, les gens demandent aussi certaines chansons qu'ils peuvent chanter, comme "Bésame mucho"... (Je vous apporte les paroles). :)

Alors, tous s'amusent!

Mes tarifs son assez abordables:

$350 pour un concert en deux parties (45 minutes chaque avec une pause de 15 minutes).

Si ceci vous intéresse, s'il vous plaît, n'hésitez pas à me contacter.

À très bientôt!

PS: I also perfectly speak English.

You can click the button above to hire me.


Cristian Rosemary (born 12 May 1958 in Santiago de Chile) is a singer/songwriter and guitarist settled in Montreal, Canada, who composes in different styles. He has written around 250 songs during the last 40 years, and also written Spanish versions for songs “Eleanor Rigby” and “Julia” (The Beatles); “The Captain of her Heart” (Kurt Maloo/Felix Haug); & “I’ve got you under my Skin” (Cole Porter).Cristian Rosemary’s musical activity began in 1980 when he was studying at the university. For ten years, he performed in different small but well-known stages, like Cafe del Cerro, Kaffe Ulm, and Rincon de Azocar, among others. A couple of his songs were broadcasted in Chilean radios. As a parallel musical activity, Cristian Rosemary worked as a journalist in music magazines like “Adagio” and “Bajo Cuerdas”, among others, by interviewing musicians Milton Nascimento, Gilberto Gil, Egberto Gismonti, Hermeto Pascoal, Luis Alberto Spinetta, Rubén Rada and Toquinho. His radio program Musiclaje - broadcasted on Radio Universidad de Chile between 1986 and 1992 - marked a modest but a recognized milestone in Chilean musical journalism.