Cristina Fialho

Digital Strategist and social media consultant in Lisbon, Portugal

Cristina Fialho

Digital Strategist and social media consultant in Lisbon, Portugal

"My momma told me when I was young, we're all born superstars"...

No, seriously. I don't even like Lady Gaga.

This is the big deal, uh? the whole "me" page.

Here we go...

1984 - Born in Lisbon, my mom can't remember the hour so... I'll never be able to do my astral letter (can I say astral letter?)

So, as the youngest of seven children (6 girls, one boy). We lived in Lisbon, spent summer in Ericeira (2nd world surf reserve - Google it!) surrounded by sand, surfers and cold nights... We spent Christmas and Easters with my grandparents in Barrancos (last place in Portugal with Spanish bullfights).

Blah, blah, blah I broke my front teeth... I started bitting my nails... I liked Barbies... I loved Barbies... blah blah blah... when i grow up I want to be like Barbie... like hairdresser Barbie... no. Like teacher Barbie... no. Like Mom Barbie... no. Malibu Barbie! PRINCESS BARBIEEE!!!! OMG! and marry a PRINCE CHARMING, OF COURSE!!!

Then... suddenly (imagine the drums)...

There it was.

I was six years old when I was watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when i decided that I wanted to be a journalist, you know, like April, the cool girl that was friends with the turtles. Now that I'm older, she was not that cool and I'm way hotter than she was. But those were the 80's and people thought side ponytails and Fame-like-head-bands were flattering, so April was a preppy girl for that time. And Barbie became a lame doll for spoiled brats.

I am 30-smething and I am not a Journalist (although I took the degree), I have been blond for 3/4 of my life (nothing like the cinnamon red April was), I still want to be like Barbie (among other things I lack the height). And I'm still hoping for prince charming.

But, hey... Something great is going to happen meanwhile... I'm going to save the world in some way, wearing this high heels, drinking Coca-Cola with a straw and biting my nails out of nerves.

I'm the lucky number seven, remember?

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