Cristina Luisa

Portland OR USA

Hello, my name is Cristina. Born in California with the soul of a global wanderer, I am a dealer of words who can't wait for the next adventure. Words fascinate and create me; travel enriches and enlightens me. Follow my journey while I pursue the dream of travel writing. Typewriters, the Beat Generation, maps, proper grammar, chimpanzees, and Brazil are just some of the things that overwhelm me with curiosity and wonder. I speak/read/write Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese, and am thinking Mandarin could be next on the list. I recently visited the continents of Europe and Africa for the first time and fell in love deeply and inexplicably. Now that I'm back in the States, I'm roaming around the PNW, planning my next adventure, and writing my first travel memoir. How about you?

  • Work
    • Freelance Writing
  • Education
    • B.A. in English from UCLA
    • M.A. in Latin American Studies from SDSU