Cristina Maria RojasFernandez

Medicine Woman in New Jersey

Cristina Maria Humming Bird Medicine is a Medicine Woman integrating the Ways of Spirit with 15 years of clinical social work experience. She is initiated through medicine teachers Kate Anjahlia Loye, Irma StarSpirit Turtle Woman and Robin Rose Bennett. Her background is rooted in a diverse collection of Earth Centered Traditions and Other Realms. Through her Spirit Medicine Practice - Spirit Medicine Ways - she offers sessions and ceremonies with Herbal and Plant Spirit Medicine, Shamanism, Witchery, Body Work/Healing, Energy/Vibrational Medicine and Ascension Medicine. She is a core member of the NY Shamanic Circle and Licensed SW in NJ/NY. You may contact her via email - or book a consultation through a click on the button above.

-* In Love and In Gratitude, always *-

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