Cristovao Loureiro

Cristovao is an entrepreneur/innovator who has been working as an executive in the travel industry for more than 10 years. Co-founder of Nativoo, a mobile travel startup with an award-winning artificial intelligence platform, and advisor of some Brazilian/US companies. BA in Management, Graduate Degree in Marketing and Management, and alumnus of Singularity University, the graduate program in Silicon Valley founded by NASA, Google, Cisco, and other leading organizations focused on the future.

Before entering the startups and travel space, he worked on large projects for international companies like Dell Computers and Gerdau, as a developer, designer, and mostly as a manager and user experience specialist. After that, he dedicated his life to being an executive in the travel industry, in which his most recent position was the Chief Operating Officer of the Brazilian Travel System (, where he directly helped to scale the business and worked for 8 years.

His passion today is focused on mobile, online strategies, and innovation, besides helping and evolving startups in creating innovative businesses with significant problem solving.