Corey Mardix

Montebello, California

I am an ambitious futurist able to radically adapt to changing circumstances in order to achieve long-term goals. I tend to look beyond individual concepts, analysing the roles they play in complex systems. My futurist interests drive me to remain aware of the latest emerging technologies. I am highly adaptable and can learn new skills, interfaces, tools, and paradigms very quickly.

Beyond information technology, I have an interest in a broad range of creative fields including fantasy fiction writing, graphics design, music production, and video game production. I have taken part in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), PyWeek, and other challenges and competitions involving creative works.

I am currently taking courses offered by a number of prestigious universities through the Coursera platform as well as some independent courses through the Udacity platform. These courses cover a broad range of skills including data analysis, digital sound design, computer networking, software and creative programming, and digital culture.

  • Education
    • High School
    • Independent Coursework