Christopher Crompton

B2B Growth Marketer in Raleigh, North Carolina

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Here's what 3 senior-level colleagues had to say about me on LinkedIn:

"In over ten years of working within a dynamic industry where out-of-the-box thinking is encouraged, Chris stands out as one of the most creative people I've ever had the privilege of collaborating with. He is constantly evaluating and coming up with new ideas to test. He never accepts the status quo and his drive to improve is only matched by his almost limitless energy. He never stops and his constant stream of creativity brings positive vibes to those around him. On top of all that, his character is beyond question and his perspective is always valued."

"Rarely will you meet someone like Chris, who understands the psychology behind creating a customer as well as the technology behind automating great personalized marketing. He is an exceptional marketer, a true expert, and his results prove just that."

"Chris is an innovative thinker that constantly challenges what we think we know to continue to progress and evolve. His initiatives consistently add substantial value and growth to our company, helping us reach the levels we have reached today. There are few if any that I would recognize ahead of him when it comes to marketing strategy and business analytics, as well as idea generation. He understands the big picture in a way most cannot and can easily map the steps to get to where we want to be. Chris is a tremendous person whom I truly love working with."