Chris Cross

I thought that my headline pretty much covered everything. I guess I will expand on those topics.

Technology Enthusiast

Tinkering with the Raspberry Pi

Still using the Nokia N900 because it rocks a media player with an FM transmitter and I use it as more of PC now than anything... can do admin tasks like nothing else.

Have owned all sorts of mobile devices from WinMo to Android to iOS

I play around with all sorts of computer goodness from building machines to re-purposing older beasts

Aspiring Linux Jedi

Favorite Desktop Disto: Linux Mint at home and Crunchbang at work

Alternate favorite: Peppermint ICE (Using on netbook and media server)

Mobile OS: Android/Maemo


Currently playing: Sleeping Dogs, Civilization 5, Skyrim

Don't get much time to spend playing thanks to the following section :)

Father of Twins

I have two amazing little daughters.

They are incredibly intelligent and since there are two of them, they are quite devious

Even though they are twins, I never expected them to have completely unique personalities and it has been and continues to be an adventure.

I also work for this company called Teliris

and had been employed by WCA previously.