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Crown Underpinning in Sydney, Australia

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Most Used Underpinning Techniques in Sydney

There are different underpinning techniques that we use to provide permanent support to damaged foundation. Our professional team inspects the affected area and gauges the kind of treatment and manpower needed to fix the cracks and unstable foundation. Our team is experienced in this field and uses the high quality and technologically advanced machinery to make the work easier. They work together towards the required work with utmost professionalism. The aim is to provide the underpinning solutions more efficiently and effectively to fix the foundations by using a number of approved underpinning techniques and methods, such as:

· Mass Concrete Underpinning Method (helps in strengthening and stability of the foundation)

· Base and/or Beam Underpinning Method (It helps in distributing the load of the whole structure across the existing foundations in a workable manner)

· Mini-Pile Underpinning Method (It helps in stabilizing the whole structure without affecting the foundations and inside of the structure. It is usually required and used when all the foundations of the structure requires underpinning treatment)

· Soil-Strengthening Underpinning Method (It is used to thicken the soil around the foundation so that it strengthens the existing foundation without affecting it)

You can choose any method you want. However we would first inspect the situation and affected area to present the best underpinning method to be used.