Christopher WJ Rueber


I am a technologist first and foremost. I write web applications for a living. I started programming around nine years old, web applications by fourteen. I've been programming professionally for nearly ten years. Additionally, I received my novice amateur radio license at eight, and eventually advanced to the general class license in my twenties (N0ZSY). I am also a musician; I sing and play a variety of instruments including guitar, mandolin, and bodhran. I have been playing folk music at local festivals the past four years, and I am currently engaging most of my musical time with a group called Set Adrift singing folk songs and songs of the sea. I also do quite a bit of table top gaming.

While building web applications is my career, that is just a side effect of my enjoyment of it. I have been designing and building systems since the 90s. I've held positions that range from systems grunt on up to principal developer, lead developer and software architect.

Currently, I work mostly in NodeJS and Ruby. Given my druthers, I'll default to a MEAN stack. I have a passion for highly usable user interfaces, with powerful but minimal server side infrastructure. My specialties include building near-to-real-time communications systems, creating systems that scale with ease, and utilizing modern JavaScript techniques to create single page web applications. As a developer, I am not; A re-packager, re-brander, nor "static web site" designer. I build and maintain applications that have been built from the ground up.

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