James Alexandropoulos

Athens, Greece

Art Project Manager, Chief Editor, Writer, Webmaster, Producer, Cultist, Captain.

James has primarily been chief editor and webmaster for the independent movies media portal The Movies Cult, which he co-founded in 2005. Being always open in collaborations, he has been managing and supervising various projects, most of which site-related. He is currently working as assistant director for Luna Bar greek film production.

As a journalist, he is known to write editorials, lengthy reviews and features. He has been visiting and covering many movie festivals over the years, achieving media partnership at SFF-rated Athens, produced podcast shows and worked at the Greek Directors Guild, as well as radio producer for Ionion FM. He is also handling public relations, coding, database, site management and consistency issues. After the site's unofficial closure in 2013, he worked as a journalist and movie critic at Nikos Karampasis' iReporter. After attending creative writing seminars, he lately turned his focus on a fictional writing project he had been working on sparsely over the years.

His interests vary - from cult, horror, fantasy and fiction cinema and novels to RPG and adventure video games, mostly focusing on cyberpunk, apocalyptic and universal exploration themes. Other activities of the past include writing short stories, editing video game articles and databases (such as wikipedia and mobygames), doing artwork, audio/video editing, music composition and mixing.

Future projects may include gaining more experience in the production and getting more involved in the filmmaking and writing process, as well as expanding a media portal which would include video games and other forms of art and bridge the gap of artists and creators with the community. As far as more creative projects, he is also open to anything close to his themes of interest as long as the creative team's aspirations and principles are similar; from short films, to website collaborations and motion comics.

James was born in 1983 in Athens, Greece, where he has been living ever since.

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