Crystal Ra Laksmi

Bucerías, Nayarit, Mexico

* Crystal Ra Laksmi brought 5 different new time

mind-body-spirit Healing modalities to Estonia since


* Owns and runs Oü New Flow location free

* Offers quick and holistic solutions through AuratransfromationTM, Water therapy called Wantra,

Access ConsciosunessTM and tantra, and

adventure tours to Hawaii and Northern Norway, Mexico

* Is a visionary motivational speaker and lecturer, film maker, organizer and has an international background.

* Has taken many courses with different healing modalities from all over the world

with many interesting teachers.

* Is a free lance writer and photographer and film maker.

* Is a permanent volunteer somewhere where her knowledge is needed.

* Complete vagabond, gipsy and traveler - explorer.

* Personality type: adventurous, moving, turbo speed, many projects, active,

powerful, abundant, traveler, lovely, deep, loving, honoring, present, funny,

naughty, professional (energy work, body work, anthropology), present, activating,

lively, postiive, happy, fulfilled ..

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  • Work
    • Oü New FLow
  • Education
    • Türi Keskkool
    • University of Oslo
    • University of Cape Town
    • University of Tromsø
    • Angel Therapy South Africa