Charles Scott-Spain

North Carolina

Charles Scott-Spain is an aspirer. He believes if you think about something everyday, you should do it. And if you do something everyday, you should at least be good at it.

Being classically trained for as long as he can remember, Charles gained an eclectic taste in music. He is able to play most brass instruments in addition to a few other types. He even has an album credit with The Old Ceremony for "Murmur in her Heart."

While attending the Living Arts College in Raleigh, NC for a B.A. in Audio Production and Design, he realized his passion for sound itself. He has a great appreciation for audio in games, films, and other medias.

Charles is not only a person good at playing games, but a guy that wants to push the title of "gamer" forward. He loves competitive games and the communities they can create. He hopes to inspire other gamers in some special way by helping take competitive gaming to the next level.

  • Education
    • Bachelor of Arts in Audio Production & Design