Curly Weave

Choosing the Best Type of Weave

For people who would like to do something different with their hair, the idea of going with a weave makes a lot of sense. The trick is to determine what sort of weave will provide the result that the client craves. Here is some general information about weaves, why they are a better choice than other options, and how to settle on the right one.

What is a Weave?

A weave is basically a hair extension that is sewn in the real hair to help create a fuller appearance. it can also be used to help create a layered look that is longer than the natural hair. Typically, each of the portion of the weave is braided around the roots of the natural hair. This helps to keep the weave in position and makes it all the easier to maintain.

Why a Weave Instead of Clip-Ons?

Clip-ons are not a bad solution, but they do present some issues. The fact that the extensions are mounted on tiny clips means they can slip out of place at any time. That can be a little embarrassing at a party. By contrast, a weave will remain firmly in place for a couple of months. That means less trips to the beautician, and fewer adjustments to make in order to maintain the look.

Many people find that the right type of weave looks more natural than other choices. For those who would rather not have people know they are wearing extensions, the weaves can be worn with confidence in any situation. That includes a trip to the beach or putting the hair up for a formal occasion.

Quality Matters

While it is possible to invest in weaves made using synthetic hair, it pays to look into the idea of only going with brazilian hair. This natural solution has the highlights that come with real hair and will blend in nicely. Caring for the weave will require the same type of products used normally, which helps to simplify the overall process of looking great. The brazilian hair is also an affordable option. While it may cost a little more than the synthetic products, the fact that it is so durable and provides the ideal look makes it a much better investment.

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