Curtis Taylor

After abandoning a promising career as an academic in social science, almost 20 years later I find that I know a thing or two about the business of technology. While struggling to find the passion to finish my Master's thesis 20 years ago, I stumbled across the nascent Internet and immediately recognized the possibilities. I finished that thesis then threw myself head first into mastering Internet Technology. I never looked back.

Over the years, I've helped build and manage the computing infrastructures of many small and larger Internet, Hosting (known today as Cloud), Managed and Professional IT Service Providers. I've also helped many small and medium companies find the right IT solutions for their busineses.

Now, I am building the next phase of my career as an independent consultant. If you're looking for a highly experienced professional with a particular talent for bridging technology and business; If you need help ensuring that the hard earned money you spend on IT gives you the maximum value for technology required to move your business forward, then let's chat. No project is too small!

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