Curtis Tucker

Curtis Tucker

Cartoon Logo Designer | Character Creator

Dad of Crumb Crunchers | 70's Skateboarder

Blogging Apple Geek | Web Dweek

Entrepreneurial Idealist | Life Purveyor

ChuckleBerry's Peddler | Clip Art Huckster

I'm a Dweek and I admit it! (Geek + Dweeb)
I'm a graphic designer/cartoonist by trade &
an Internet entrepreneur by destiny.

Although still looking for that "big" idea online,
I'm able to work from my home studio in Enid, OK
and enjoy doing what I'm doing every day.

I'd love to connect and bounce around any ideas you
might have on cartooning, design, technology,
Internet or new ways of making money online.

(580)977-9947 | Shaggy Duck Studios

(Photo copyright Wess Gray)

A few of my personal quotes:
"Life is short, don't dilly-dally."
“I found a great way to attract money… work!"
“Imagine being 6 years old with a cool fort and an iPad.”
“Year, n. a period of three hundred & sixty-five opportunities.”