☞ Desigan Chinniah ☜

... in London, United Kingdom

☞ Desigan Chinniah ☜

... in London, United Kingdom

Tech Advisor | Board Member | Angel Investor

Desigan Chinniah, aka Dees or cyberdees, is a creative technologist. Dees has a portfolio of advisory roles and board positions. He makes early stage investments indexing on diverse and under-represented founders.

Dees is a stalwart of the web and has had check-ins* at various dot-coms over two decades. His superpower is his unparalleled global relationship network.

Advisor: Ably + BRCK** + Cinnamon + Coil + GreenTec** + hubii** + Mozilla + OutVoice + Self** + Snips** (acquired by Sonos) + The Bot Platform** + Voi Scooters** + Zama

Investor: Athens + Backstage + BonfireIM*** + CoGrammar / HyperionDev + Erase All Kittens + Eventasaurus*** + Juked + Makielab (acquired by Disney) + Replay + Roleshare + Yodomo

Mentor: Akirachix + Design Club + Seedcamp

Board: Grant for the Web (co-creator) + Tor Project + Ushahidi


Dees is a smart creative and possesses a unique set of Swiss-Army-Knife like talents and experiences - at the intersection of Product, Engineering, Business Development, Marketing, Fundraising, Community and Developer Relations.

A sneakerhead and self-confessed geek, he lives in London with his wife, Sanne and their two kids, Summer Skye & Kiran Quinn.

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* formerly at Ask Jeeves, Skype, BBC, eBay, PayPal, Mozilla - the makers of Firefox