Khalid H Alanazi

Saudi Arabia, Dammam

I live among internet and reality. Windows 95 was my first OS. In 1997~99 used to be an active user for Yahoo and Ajeeb. Learned the basics of computer architecture & DOS by then. Started programming Flash/mIRC Games Scripts in 2002. Furthermore, studied EEET for two years then quit it, after that went to USA to study ICS following my desire. Love to learn/teach about programming languages & other IDEs. Seeking to earn Master of Computer Science.

Living simple life with my wife and kids "Sultan", "Alwaleed" & "Ghaith". I enjoy reading blogs, social media, games, movies and such on entertainment. I have a faith of the right for everyone to have a free online education. My main goal is to improve the contents of the internet for my community to the best . Looking forward to achieve my dreams.

“The best richness is the richness of the soul.” (Bukhari)

  • Work
    • Student abroad in the U.S
  • Education
    • Bachelor of Science in Information & Computer Science; Software Engineering
    • Master of Science in Computer Science; Software Engineering