Pi István Tóth

Welcome on my page!

I'm a printing engineer, who love the IT, the Internet, and the technology. Special the Web 2.0 and the IT gadgets.

Because of this things, and special because of my problem solving technology I become the leader of the technical team of the Adobe distributor of Hungary. The Life was fun there: top level technology, new problems, new solving and new point of view, and many-many organization and presentation.

With time I become to love a beautiful Turkish girl. So I went to Istanbul, follow my heart.

Now I live in Istanbul with my Turkish wife and our child. But still working with technology.
Special favourites are: Adobe, architecture, gadgets, Web 2.0, solar energy, travelling and many more.

Istanbul is my new favourite. I made many-many pictures that you can see on my Flickr page. And I have a blog about the everyday adventures in this great city. And now I am on a project to make a special guide book (a surviving guide book) for tourist for Istanbul! :)

Thank you for reading my page!