Ioannis Mandourarakis

Project Manager in Χανιά, Ελλάδα

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Γεννήθηκα, έκλαψα, μπουσούλησα, γέλασα, περπάτησα, ρώτησα, στάθηκα, είδα,
αμφισβήτησα, γνώρισα, θαύμασα, ερωτεύτηκα, πόνεσα, μίσησα, λάτρεψα...

If you are a Greek person then you probably have already guessed that phrases like the one above are not to be translated... so I'll just leave it to that : "new experiences stand with new verbs, and life is a sentence full of them". :-)

My 3 greatest weaknesses :
1. I am an impluslive perfectionist so when I focus on something that I love I get easily drifted and may never recover! :-p
2. I let others misinterpret my politeness as a modesty.
3. I am a control freak !

My 3 greatest competences :
1. I love organising, categorizing and managing! It's my challenge on a daily basis!
2. I can easily adapt and even prosper when rules / circustances change rapidly.
3. I question myself... a lot!

I despise : Smoking or Watching Football.
I admire : North-Western European culture.

  • Work
    • jrtechnologies
  • Education
    • Electronic and Computer Engineer - Technical University of Crete