Chad Yesilova


From a lucrative career in stockbroking to a mighty fall following the global financial crisis, Chad went on to launching his own business. Having failed his first venture in the attempt to go up against corporate giant Coca-Cola with an innovative beverage concept, Chad brought his discipline, experience and knowledge into a different industry that he believes has bigger potential - education. As the Executive Director of Blue Studies International, Chad is now scaling to multiple offshore locations and doubling their revenue year on year.

Following his successful track record, more and more education providers are turning to Chad for strategic planning and advice. Chad's time management techniques and effective, innovative marketing campaigns are superseding traditional methods, saving educational providers time and money, and ultimately driving their business growth.

In recognition for some of his work, Chad has been voted Anthill 30under30 Up-and-Comer for 2011 and in the same year voted as The Age (Melbourne) Magazine's Melbourne's Top 100 most influential, inspirational, provocative and creative people for 2011.

'Chad is a visionary who is persistent, smart, relentless and passionate. He is a committed individual in a relentless pursuit to disrupt and deliver the utmost quality in the industry that he is in.' - Alex Pirouz - CEO Linkfluencer.

An active philanthropist, Chad has contributed to the well-being, personal development and equality of international students in Australia. He believes every international student has the right to the same opportunities and freedom as their native counterparts.

As founder of Enrollment Control, Chad now focuses on the strategic direction and growth of the business to totally transform how CEO's, owner's and the marketing team of education provider's market their business and be the go-to place for the best marketing training and education for education providers in the world.

  • Education
    • University Of New South Wales