Cyndi Hunter

Digital Marketer, community manager, and media buyer in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

Hey, thanks for visiting my page!

I love meeting people, so don't be shy to reach out.

Um, about me, well, consider myself lucky — I fell into online marketing unintentionally, transitioning from doing outreach work in Canada’s poorest neighbourhood (intense and rewarding), to promoting brands such as Yelp, NBC and POF in the media realm. There's a wild background story there, that's for another time.

My passion is to help businesses grow in influence while building community both on and offline. I feel really privileged to be working in the wild west of digital media — watching it evolve over the past decade has been a thrill. Never a dull moment in digital.

Here is where I share some unsolicited favorite aspects of my work:

• Digital Marketing: Helping amazing businesses to be seen and to succeed

• Community Management: Engaging with and growing online communities to inspire enthusiasm and brand loyalty

• Growth Marketing: The practice of using (mainly technical) experimentation to uncover the best ways for brands to grow in influence.

In my free time I'm all about:

• The Great Outdoors: The mountains and lakes/ocean, hiking, snowboarding, camping, attempting to surf, etc., complete me!

• People: creating community, discovering what makes the people in my life feel most alive. I love organizing events and seeing new friendships form as a result.

• Food: Being raised in the countryside where meals were delicious while... predictable, I'm thrilled to eat any kind of ethnic cuisine I can find. From Ethiopian to Polish to Japanese, it's all going down the gullet.

• Pranks: I could tell fun stories but I'll keep you in suspense for now. If you have some though, let's swap tales.

• Travel: My passports are full of stamps though my new mission is to see more of North America. The Salton Sea is a favorite.

So that's me in a long nutshell. Feel free to message me and/or to add me on social.

I'm (honestly) happy to help, and would love to meet you, so don't be shy — introduce yourself! :)



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