Cyndi Hunter

Digital Marketer, community manager, and media buyer in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Hey, nice to see you here!

About me, well, consider myself lucky — I fell into online marketing unintentionally, transitioning from running a women's shelter in Canada’s poorest neighborhood (intense and rewarding) to promoting brands such as Yelp, NBC and POF in the media realm. There's a wild background story there, but I'll save that for another time.

My passion is in brand development and promotion, so that amazing businesses' can grow in influence while rallying a community of fans both on and offline. I feel really privileged to be working in the wild west of digital media — watching it evolve over the past decade has been a fun ride.

Here is where I share some unsolicited favorite aspects of my work:

• Digital Marketing: Helping amazing businesses to be seen and to succeed

• Branding: Refining the public's impression of a company, making it even more loveable, and creatively setting it apart from the competition

• Community Management: Engaging with and growing online communities to inspire enthusiasm and brand loyalty

• Growth Marketing: The practice of using (mainly technical) experimentation to uncover the most effective ways for brands to grow in influence.

In my free time I'm all about:

• The Great Outdoors: The mountains and lakes/ocean, hiking, camping, badly attempting to surf, snowboard, etc., complete me

• People: creating community, discovering what makes the people in my life feel most alive. I love organizing events and seeing new friendships form as a result.

• Food: Being raised in the countryside where meals were delicious while... predictable, I'm thrilled to eat any kind of ethnic cuisine I can find. From Ethiopian to Polish to Japanese, it's all going down the gullet.

• Pranks: I could tell fun stories but I'll keep you in suspense for now. If you have some though, let's swap tales.

• Travel: My passports are full of stamps though my new mission is to see more of North America. Especially abandoned/semi-abandoned places (The Salton Sea is a favorite).

So that's me in a long nutshell. Feel free to message me and/or to add me on social. Let's talk shop!

I'm (honestly) happy to help, and would love to meet you, so don't be shy — introduce yourself :)



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  • Education
    • British Columbia Institute of Technology
    • Thomspon Rivers University
    • Rhodes Wellness College
    • Ambrose University