Cynthia Brian

Consultant, Writer, and Actor in San Francisco, CA

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Having grown up on a farm, connecting with nature and living with integrity are vital to my being. The foundation of who I am and what I do is grounded in dependability, dedication, hard work, organization, attention to detail, and the timely delivery of services. As a consultant and coach, my mission in life is to help others find their purpose, passion, and possibilities as we explore their potential. I don't believe in perfection. I strive for excellence. As an empowerment specialist, radio host, writer, teen mentor, wife, and Mom, I grow gardens and people.


* A best selling author of several books.

*An actor for TV, film, and commercials.

*Producer and host of the weekly radio broadcast StarStyle-Be the Star You Are!

*Creator and producer of the young adult radio program, Express Yourself!

*The inspirational garden columnist for The Lamorinda Weekly newspaper where I'm known as "The Goddess Gardener".

*A caring coach and consultant specializing in acting, writing, speaking, gardening, and life challenges.

*Freelance writer for numerous mediums.

*Founder and Executive Director of the Top Rated 501 c3 literacy charity, Be the Star You Are!®

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  • Education
    • University of California, Berkeley (CAL)
    • University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
    • University of Bordeaux, France
    • University of Hawaii at Manoa